Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing

One of the first questions that come to mind while buying a sex swing is which one to choose between single or dual hook sex swing. a single hook swing is a one that comes with one single mounting point. On the other hand, a dual hook swing is designed with two mounting points and hence the name. Well, while both are widely used yet each of these two carries its own sets of strengths and limitation. You have to weigh their pros and cons and tally them with your specific condition to find the most compatible option for you.

The post below offers a brief on both dual and single hook sex swings followed by bullets on their respective perks and pitfalls.

Dual hook sex swing

Dual hook sex swings are any day more comfortable compared to the single hook options- courtesy the double mounting points. Users can install the mounting points way further than it’s possible with single hook swing. With a single hook option, you can only spread the width to 14-24” and that too with the help of spreader bar. But when it comes to dual hook, its mounting points can be installed 30-40” apart from each other. Bigger width eliminates pressure on hips and assures a more comfortable & joyous experience. Narrow gap between mounting points pinches the hips as well as restricts movements which altogether can make the whole situation uncomfortable at times.

Then, dual hook sex swings are comparatively safer than the single hook counterparts. There are two major reasons behind it. One is the concept of double mounting points. Thanks to 2 points, the weight of the person sitting gets conveniently divided and consequently reduces pressure on every point. This way, you get a balanced seating and a comfortable posture, without putting much load on the swing and the hook.

The other factor is the absence of spreader bar which is a constant with single hook sex swings. The bar is usually made of hardy steel and weighs around 7-10 pounds. And it will hang over your head. Now, just imagine the whacking pain of getting hit by such a solid bar when your head accidentally touches the spreader! Very painful!

Perks of dual hook sex swings

  • Double mounting points guarantee more comfort & more safety
  • No painful pinch at hips and more joyous sexual experience
  • Allows experimenting with various sexual positions

Pitfalls of dual hook sex swings

  • More expensive
  • Does not allow spinning
  • Tough to install
  • Double hooks are comparatively more challenging to cover

Single hook sex swings

Single hook sex swings are especially great for spinning postures. If you and your partner are craving for a thrilling 360 degree stimulation, look no further. Besides, you can also try other favorite positions here such as vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex as well as BDSM.

However, single hook models can’t assure the amazing comfort offered by dual hook sex swings. It’s because you can’t spread it further- even with spreader bar, users can have up to 24” width maximum. Such narrow opening hurts the hips during prolonged session and also limits movements.

In regards to safety, single hook models are more or less safe. But since it comes with one mounting point, it can’t handle much weight.

Perks of single hook sex swing


If price is not a big factor for you, go for dual hook option. But, if you don’t want to shell out much and if both of you are mostly lean, a single hook option will be cool.