How to take care of your butt plug

In fact, they are used for a number of very practical purposes – preparing the anus for sex, imitating the effect of double penetration, prostate massage and in some cases, as an intimate adornment. Before you use the anal plug, you need to clearly understand what effect you want to achieve because the shape, material and size of the stimulator will depend on it. The anus is prepared for sex. The muscles of the anus, as a rule, reflexively contracted when trying to insert into a foreign body, in this case the penis.

The pain and discomfort

To avoid this, you can for some time to enter into the anus plug. In 10-15 minutes the muscles will get used to the volume body inside and involuntary muscle contractions will stop. If the partner’s penis is quite large, you can use several plugs of different sizes. Conical plugs made of silicone, PVC, TRP, gel or other soft materials are best suited for these purposes. After intercourse, after about 30-60 minutes, the muscles of the anus will return to their original state.

Imitation of the effect of double penetration

If very few girls like anal sex, then double penetration of two penises into the vagina and anus at the same time loves most. This is due to the location of erogenous zones on the back of the vagina. As a rule, during normal sex, due to anatomy, they remain poorly involved. And another penis inserted into the girl’s anus props up the wall in such a way that these areas finally receive increased stimulation, which brings special pleasure.

In addition, the vagina becomes narrower, which also greatly aggravates the sensations. It is clear that not everyone is ready to invite a third one, however, similar sensations can be obtained using the anal plug. Especially for such purposes there are plugs imitating a small penis. Also, for these purposes, use anal plugs in the form of droplets, decorated with imitation of precious stones. This form contributes to the narrowing of the vagina precisely in the place of accumulation of nerve endings. Still, it serves as an intimate adornment and is ideal for playing together.  Another function of such a cork is to enhance the sensations of a man by narrowing the vagina and creating a relatively solid bulge inside that stimulates the penis.

Massage of the prostate

Many men after 30 face various health problems, in particular, with a malfunction of the prostate gland. In most cases, this is associated with sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle and bad habits. These factors contribute to the accumulation of mucus and other pathogenic elements in the prostate, which ultimately leads to a weakening of erection and other problems. Often in the form of a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, the urologist prescribes a massage. Cork can also help with this delicate procedure. To do this, use anal plugs for wearing. They have a special shape to be comfortable to wear and bend to apply pressure on the prostate. When walking and any change in body position, this pressure alternately weakens and increases, giving the prostate the necessary massage. In this way, a man gets rid of the need to spend time and money on receiving a urologist and tolerating the presence of someone else’s finger in his anus.

As an accessory for Animal play role-playing game. Role-playing is a great way to diversify intimacy. One of the variants of the game is animal play, when the image of the animal is taken as the basis. For these purposes, there are traffic jams with tails. Especially popular are the various variations with fluffy tails. Using such a toy, you can create not only a game image, but also prepare the anus for sex and, if necessary, recreate the effect of double penetration. There are some rules that are better to follow, so that the effect of use is really beneficial and enjoyable. The most important is to clean the butt plug before and after use. Can you boil a silicon butt plug? It depends on the manufacturer’s instructions provided at the manual. You can also visit go blog and read articles about taking care of your precious toys.