About Me

Writing about sex on the internet creates a dilemma if you’ve got a career or a family who would probably rather not hear about the in-depth details of your sex life. I have both.

I write this blog in my free time and about things that I do in my spare time. So, although you may well be able to find out who I am (internet nerds are generally pretty good at that) all you’ll achieve is to get me to shut this down. If you know me, I’d ask you to keep a bit quiet about it.

If you’re a member of my immediate family (Hi, Mom!) know only that every single thing I say here is a lie: I have never had sex, and have very little understanding of the mechanics behind it. I imagine you’re in the same boat.

Do you see yourself here? If you happen to be one of the boys, you’ll have been consulted on any posts you star in that I think you might be nervous about. But you might also be mentioned in passing elsewhere. If you recognize yourself in one of these posts and need me to modify for anonymity purposes, I’m more than happy to—just get in touch hee hee!